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Race fans looking to keep up with news and views from the perspective of NASCAR fans will find a warm welcome with Fan4Racing.  The goal of Fan4Racing is that fans will come to call this blog their NASCAR home.

While you will find current news and views in this blog, your views will be a big part of its success.  The Fan4Racing directive, is to enable varying points of views, not necessarily with the intention of changing the perspective of others, but more importantly to give readers a broader view of the current news.  
Everyone should expect that some will agree, some will disagree with opinions expressed on this site.  That works as long as all agree to be respectful when sharing personal views.  No one has the right to personally attack, verbally abuse or diminish an opposing point of view.  Everyone has the right to share their respectfully stated opinion and healthy debates are encouraged.
The mission for Fan4Racing is for fans to have fun while sharing a passion for our favorite sport and drivers through the medium of blogging with commenting encouraged.  Various fans will be invited to blog here, with the intention of making this a true Fan4Racing blogging site that all fans are proud to call their own.
To begin, introduce yourself in the comment section below.  Share your favorite NASCAR driver/team, what part of the world you call home and any other information to introduce yourself.  Everyone commenting with their fan name for the remainder of 2011 will be considered Charter Fan4Racing members.   
Now it’s your turn to tell the rest of this story!
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One thought on “Welcome to Fan4Racing

  1. Hello! You'll see me on the comments section as Fan4Racing, the moderator for this site. My favorite Driver is Jeff Burton and my favorite team is Richard Childress Racing. I've been an avid NASCAR Fan for many years and what I haven't experienced, I spend time learning in NASCAR history. Discussing NASCAR news and sharing views is my passion. Looking forward to discussions with both old an new friends. Thanks in advance for sharing your views.

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