Fred Lorenzen – A NASCAR Legend is Honored

As presented by Fred Lorenzen’s family on his personal 
and Chicagoland Fans4Racing facebook pages 

Fearless Freddie Honored With Resolution

Elmhurst, IL… State Representative Dennis Reboletti (R-Elmhurst) sponsored a resolution to honor lifelong Elmhurst resident and NASCAR driver Fred Lorenzen.

From Fred Lorenzen website
He is also known as
“The Golden Boy of NASCAR”

Also known as Fearless Freddie, Lorenzen began his racing career with a home-built speedster with a lawn mower-powered engine he would race down the streets of Elmhurst. His very first race at a demolition derby at Soldier Field in a 1941 Plymouth landed him his first win and his success only escalated ever since.

Lorenzen’s accomplishments throughout his racing career include:

  • Being the first person to win $100,000 in a single season 
  • The only NASCAR driver to win 20 races in his first 100 starts
  • Twice-voted NASCAR’s most popular driver 
  • Named one of NASCAR’s 50 Greatest Drivers in 1998.

Upon finishing his racing days, Lorenzen returned back home and resides in Oak Brook where he led a happy life with his family and had a successful career in real estate.

“Fred Lorenzen was an icon of NASCAR and the racing world,”  Reboletti said. “He is an Illinois sports legend and we recognize him for his lifetime of accomplishments.”

Lorenzen has also been nominated for the NASCAR Hall of Fame for 2013.

A press conference to present the resolution to the Lorenzen family will take place December 7th at the Chicagoland Speedway in Joliet, Illinois.

These videos are shown on Fred Lorenzen’s website and can also be found on YouTube.  
This video is about NASCAR Hall of Fame nominee, Fred Lorenzen
posted on YouTube on April 23, 2011

This video is an interview with TNT’s Matt Yocum in July, 2009.
Fred Lorenzen feature on TNT’s Pride of NASCAR segment NASCAR Sprint Cup Series 
Lifelock 400 Chicagoland Speedway IL


Fred Lorenzen…….the man who might’ve been King!
The “Elmhurst Express”
Read more about this NASCAR legend here
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