2012 All-Star Race = Exciting Racing for Fans

The 2012 All-Star race has the right formula for entertaining race fans.

NASCAR recently announced some format changes to make the race more exciting than it has been. Last year’s format included a 50-lap opening segment with a mandatory pit stop halfway through, followed by two 20-lap segments, a 10 minute break, and a final 10-lap segment following a mandatory pit stop under caution.

In 2012, the format is streamlined to four 20-lap segments, incentive for winning a segment, and a mandatory pit stop followed by a 10-lap segment to close out the event.

This year’s event will place more emphasis on winning than ever before. That’s because the four winners of each 20-lap segment will be placed at the front of the field before coming down pit road for the mandatory pit stop just prior to the final 10-lap segment. At that point, it will be in the hands of the crew chief to decide what to do as the order coming off pit road will be the lineup for the 10-lap finish. Track position is everything, so the incentive to win one of the first four segments will be critical along with the final pit stop in order to retain that track position.

For a better chance at winning the 2012 All-Star race
Drivers will need to win one-of -four 20-lap segments

The winning incentive will add a new level of excitement to the event, which is needed. While past All-Star races have been fairly exciting, we’ve certainly seen our share of quiet races and this race isn’t supposed to be quiet. A non-points event means it’s all about bringing home the trophy or the steering wheel. There is no reward for finishing second in this race. Having said that, the track position incentive for winning one of the 20-lap segments is going to get drivers up on the wheel even more throughout the entire race.

Also, instead of a long opening segment, the segments are no more than 20-laps. This is an important change because drivers will be racing hard and there’s less time for the field to get too drawn out in just 20-laps. Drivers will have to race hard in order to position themselves for any chance at winning a segment. Shorter segments and harder racing will ultimately mean action on the racetrack throughout the event instead of a quiet race until the very end.

The new All-Star format should provide fans with good, exciting racing, which is certainly what it’s all about. Shorter segments, winning incentives, and a cool one million dollar payday will certainly bring fans more exciting racing throughout the night. This feature event is now about nothing but winning and the new format feeds into that philosophy better than past All-Star events.

The 2012 All-Star race certainly has the right formula to be a classic, must-see event.


2 thoughts on “2012 All-Star Race = Exciting Racing for Fans

  1. Andrew, you make some great points about the format changes to the All-Star Race for 2012. The drivers are certainly aware of track position being important at CMS – so winning one of those segments is going to get all of them revved up for this year's All-Star Race and chance to win $1 Million for the night's effort!

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