Fan at the Track – Quackers Adventures in Richmond

Learn more about Susanne Bowyer’s meaningful journey from Charlotte 2011 to Richmond 2012 in her blog NASCAR Racing is more than an event – It’s a meaningful journey… 

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With a rather unique travel and race companion, “Quackers,” fans will learn more about him in a future blog from Susanne.  In the meantime, check out these photos of Quackers adventures at Richmond.  Enjoy!

*Viewing tip – See if you can find Quackers in nearly every photo.

Quackers is the only one happy that it’s raining on race day!

Quackers is waiting out the rain at River City Diner.  
Race Day! Maybe this is the only rain we’ll see. 

Quackers with the 
Interstate Batteries Car
Outside the track

The Neon Knights & Quackers
Ray & Matt on the right
@raywright27 & @MKREUTER3329
Thank You!
You guys are the best!

Quackers and the Neon Knights #27 Crew. Included Left to Right
Erik Pringle – Front Tire Carrier
Paul Menard – Driver
Carey Wimbash – Jackman
Matt Kreuter – Gas Man
Ray Wright – Rear Tire Carrier
Missing were 
Aaron Smith – Rear Tire Changer
Terry Spaulding – Front Tire Changer
They were glueing lugnuts during the autograph signing. 
These guys were cool enough to take this pic for me!

The Neon Knights signing autographs

My cousin Wanda was catching a t-shirt from the Ford Display PR guys and the guy behind her starting fighting with her for the t-shirt, bent her finger back and said some mean stuff to her. 
So the PR guy came out and handed my cousin another t-shirt, water bottle and gave her a hug. 
It was really nice.
Didn’t hurt that he was attractive either!
Quackers missed this one… 

Quackers hung out with these guys at Paul Menard’s Merchandise hauler for two days. My phone died both days and this was the only place that I could find with juice. The guy here protected my phone and hung out with me for a few hours. 

The Bowyer and Mark Martin Merchandise Hauler folks came over and hung with us for a while too.

Quackers has a way of bringing people together:)

Quackers wanted to pose as Kevin Harvick

Quackers posed as Jeff Burton, but he didn’t have the “profile pose” that Burton is famous for.

Quackers with the lead singer of 
Honkey Tonk Heroes

The band we watched 
waiting out the rain before the race! 

It was a good band.

Quackers and My cousin Zane, 
C2 – Christopher and Will Farmer-Zane’s boss at Farmers Insurance is the person who gave us the tickets for the race on Saturday. 

He was a super super nice guy!

A few seconds after Kenny Wallace 
inked my duck!

Kenny Wallace proudly shows me 
where he tattoo’d Quackers!

Close up of Quakers Tattoo!

Quackers interview with 
Miss Sprint Cup…

How awesome!

MRO’s Chaplains 
Nick Terry on left
Steve Keller on right

Click the link in the opening comments 
to read my blog and learn more about
Nick Terry

Quackers with the
MRO Chapel Service program

Mike Hicks – Rear Tire Changer
for Denny Hamlin and Brian Scott

Quackers and the stunningly beautiful 
Johanna Long

I’m sure she was probably busy…
Danica did not think Quackers 
was cute enough for a picture!
Shot down again dude!

Quackers and Jeff Green, 
who I had mistakened for Joe Nemechek…

Quackers and the extremely nice and fan-friendly
Justin Allgaier

Quackers and Timmy Hill
Timmy liked Quackers so much
he had his PR person take a picture too!

Quackers and the safety guy!

He was gonna extinguish Quackers 
because he was so hot!


My cousin makes parts for JJ Yeley’s car

After the race, they gave him 
this one!


Quackers in Victory Lane!

Fun Times!

One thought on “Fan at the Track – Quackers Adventures in Richmond

  1. Quackers is Great! Loved how everyone is willing to participate in photos with Quackers! Looking forward to learning more about Quackers in one of Susanne's future blogs!

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