Fan at the Track – Pit Crew Challenge

Susanne Bowyer returns as Fan at the Track for the 2012 Pit Crew Challenge on Thursday, May 17th at the Time Warner Cable arena in Charlotte, NC. 

Fans can read Susanne’s Pit Crew Challenge Blog as well as enjoying her inside view of this exciting event with this photo blog. Enjoy!

All the Teams – National Anthem

Another view of 
Pit Crew Teams

#31 Team is focused!

Tim Sheets & JD Holcomb
How did they do?

Individual $10,000 Awards
For #31 Team
Front Tire Carrier – JD Holcomb
& Front Tire Changer – Tim Sheets

Two Happy Guys!

#18 Team 
Individual Win
for the Gas Man

#5 Team
Individual Win 
for the Jack Man

Celebrating Wins
with Family members

More Celebration

Who will be the
2012 Champions?

Jimmie Johnson
watches his 
#48 Team Performance

#48 Team Celebrates!

#48 Team WINS!

The Winning Team
#48 Lowes 
Gas man – Brandon Harder
Front tire changer – Dave Collins
Front tire carrier – RJ Barnette
Rear tire change – Calvin Teague
Rear tire carrier – Matt Tyrell 
Jackman – TJ Ford 

TJ Ford 
doing push ups to celebrate 

2012 NASCAR Pit Crew Champions!

Thanks Susanne 
for another great Fan at the Track photo blog!

One thought on “Fan at the Track – Pit Crew Challenge

  1. Nice Job Susanne, You picked up some great photos of the pit crews. They are so important in the success of a team and don't often get the recognition they deserve. Glad we can feature them at Fan4Racing!

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