Fan at the track – Pit Crew Tribute of Thanks!

Fan4Racing’s Tribute to All Pit Crew members
In this special edition of Fan at the Track, Susanne Bowyer shares several crew photos, with cameos of Quackers – all taken this past weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The remaining crew member photos are from Pit Talks

Pit Crew members train all year as athletes to be in top physical shape to support their team and driver’s performance each race.

Fan4Racing extends our deepest gratitude to each and every pit crew team member. 

Thanks for all you do to support 
your team’s performance at the track, 

every race day. 

42-Eric Bilyeu
42-Ed Watkins
42-Mark Jacobs
42-Chip Goode
Earnhardt Ganassi Racing 
#1 Team Position #42 Team
Bryan Jacobson FT Changer Pedro Martinez
Brett Morrell FT Carrier Eric Bilyeu
Mitch Lash Jack Man Mark Jacobs
Jason Romesburg RT Changer Chris McMullin
Doug Riepe RT Carrier Chip Goode
Benjy Grubb Gas Man Ed Watkins

42-Montoya Crew member & Family
27-Aaron Smith

29- Austin Craven
27-Terry Spalding

29- Aaron Schields 

Richard Childress Racing
#27 Team #29 Team
#31 Team
FT Changer Terry Spalding Jason Pulver
Tim -Poptart-Sheets
FT Carrier
Erik Pringle Austin Craven
JD Holcumb
Jack Man
Carey Wimbish Jason Hunt
Andrew Childers
RT Changer
Aaron Smith Dustin Necaise
Zach Price
RT Carrier
Ray Wright Aaron Schields
Bob Dowens
Gas Man
Matt Kreuter Bryan Smith
Jon Wallace

29-Jason Hunt
29-Jason Pulv
RCR-Dustin Necaise & 
29-Bryan Smith
17-Justin Nottestad

17-Shawn Ward

17-Cameron Cobb
17-Jon Moore
17-Ryan McCray

Roush Fenway Racing

Position #16 Team #17 Team #99 Team
FT Changer Kevin Novak Justin Nottestad Kale Uphoff
FT Carrier Brian Huitt Colin Pasi Alan Tratman
Jack Man Sean Meckelson Cameron Cobb Dennis Killian
RT Changer Curtin Thompson Jon Moore Dwayne Ogles
RT Carrier Justin Edgell Ryan McCray Josh Shiplett
Gas Man Robert Best Shawn Ward Joe Karasinski
99-Kale Uphoff
99-Joe Karasinski
99-Alan Tratman
99-Dennis Killian
99-Dwayne Ogles
16- Bryan Huitt & Justin Reissman

17- Stephanie & Mike Calinof
43-Crew with 99-Dennis Killian & Quackers
Richard Petty Motorsports
#9 Team Position #43 Team
Aaron Powell FT Changer Greg Donlin
Joel Coronel FT Carrier Lance Hanna
Rodney Fedders Jack Man Kevin Wing
Justin Fiedler RT Changer Kyle Power
Eric Wallace RT Carrier Blake Haughland
Robert Smith Gas Man Derrick Jennings
43-Rodney Fedders
21 – Garrett Reding

Brandon Igdalsky
Pocono Raceway
Furniture Row Racing
#78 Team
FT Changer
Shane Pipala
FT Carrier
John Bernal
Jack Man
Gabe Martin
RT Changer
Coleman Dolarhyde
RT Carrier
Dwayne Moore
Gas Man
Justin White

Josh Hamilton – Public Relations

Front Row Motorsports
#34 Team Position #38 Team
Austin Dickey FT Changer Kenyatta Houston
AJ Heister FT Carrier Anwar Parrish
William Sturgill Jack Man Ike Sneed
Chris Tetourneau RT Changer Jacob Norman
Mike Keels RT Carrier Pat Cole
Justin Lages Gas Man Corey Rasinski
SPEED’s Matt Clark – Bob Dillner

Brian Wiggins – The Pace Lap

SPEED’s Tom Jensen

SPEED’s Steve Byrnes

JTG Daugherty Racing
Position #47 Team
FT Changer Cory Quick
FT Carrier Ben Fetzer
Jack Man Mike Klein
RT Changer Brian Bottlemy
RT Carrier Andy Brown
Gas Man Jimmy Watts

Mary Lou Hamlin
11-Heath Cherry
11-Brandon Pegram

11-Mike Hicks
11-Nate Bolling
11-Nick Krizmanich

Joe Gibbs Racing
Position #11 Team #18 Team #20 Team
FT Changer Nick Krizmanich Nick Odell John Royer
FT Carrier Brandon Pegram Brad Donaghy Joe Crossen
Jack Man Nate Bolling Jeff Fender Jason Tate
RT Changer Mike Hicks Jake Seminara Chris Taylor
RT Carrier Heath Cherry Kenny Barber Eric Groen
Gas Man Scott Wood Tom Lampe John Eicher

18-Jake Seminara
Michael Lepp – JGR Crew Coach
18-Tom Lampe
18-Brad Donaghy
18-Jeff Fender

18-Kenny Barber
18-Nick Odell

48-Brandon Harder
48-Calvin Teague
48-Dave Collins
48-Matt Tyrell

48-RJ Barnette

48-TJ Ford
88-Caleb Hurd
88-Joe Slingerland
88-Clay Robinson

88-Kevin Harris

88-Nick Covey
88-Matt Ver Meer

Hendrick Motorsports
Position #5 Team #24 Team #48 Team  #88 Team
FT Changer Kelly Kellis Corey Demarco Dave Collins Clay Robinson
FT Carrier Michael Oxendine Michael Williams RJ Barnette Kevin Harris
Jack Man Jeff Kerr Bailey Walker TJ Ford Nick Covey
RT Changer Kip Wolfmeier Chad Avrit Calvin Teague Joe Slingerland
RT Carrier Ben Fischbeck Gene Cornwell Matt Tyrell Matt Ver Meer
Gas Man Chris Fasulka Brad Pickens Brandon Harder Caleb Hurd

24-Bailey Walker
24-Brad Pickens
24-Chad Avrit
24-Corey Demarco

24-Gene Cornwell
24-Michael Deon Williams

5-Ben Fischbeck
5-Jeff Kerr

5-Kip Wolfmeier
5-Chris Fasulka

#5 Crew

5-Michael Oxendine
5-Kelly Kellis

15-Chuck Efaw

55-Mark Kenerly
15-Shaun Pete
15-Ricky Coleman
55-Brian Dheel

15-Jay Gay

55-Ryan Langley
Michael Waltrip Racing
Position #15 Team #55 Team #56 Team
FT Changer Danny Kincaid Ryan Langely Eric Maycroft
FT Carrier Jay Gay Chris Hall Craig Curione
Jack Man Shaun Pete Tony Cardamone Brian Chase
RT Changer Chuck Efaw Shannon Myers Lee Cunningham
RT Carrier Ricky -Puddin- Coleman Mark Kenerly Adam Mosher
Gas Man Bryan Deal Brian Dheel Wes Evans
55-Shannon Myers
55-Tony Cardamone
56-Adam Mosher
56-Brian Chase
56-Eric Maycroft

56-Craig Curione

Mark Martin???
56-Wes Evans

39-Andy Turner with Quackers

39-Scott Brzozowski
39-Brad Robinson
39-James Houk
39-Jonathan Sherman

39-Andy Rueger

Stewart Haas Racing
Position #10 Team #14 Team #39 Team
FT Changer Ryan Pepe Ira Jo Hussey Scott Brzozowksi
FT Carrier Shannon Keys Todd Drakulich Brad Robinson
Jack Man Nick Keller Mike Castro Andy Turner
RT Changer Ryan Flores Daniel Smith Jonathan Sherman
RT Carrier Jason Fowler Mike -Shrek- Morneau James Houk
Gas Man Rick Pigeon Jeff -Gooch- Patterson Andy Rueger

14-Mike Castro

14-Ira Jo Hussey
14-Daniel Smith
14-Jeff Patterson

14-Mike Castro
14-Todd Drakulich
14-Mike -Shrek- Morneau

Phoenix Racing
#51 Team
FT Changer
Anthony O Brian
FT Carrier
Art Simmons
Jack Man
Eric Ludwig
RT Changer
Kam Waugh
RT Carrier
Jeff Knight
Gas Man

2-Ben Brown
2-Braxton Brannon

2-David Mayo
2-Nick Hensley

2-Scott Rieniger

Penske Racing
#2 Team Position #22 Team
Ben Brown FT Changer Jay Hackney
Scott Rieniger FT Carrier David Littau
Braxton Brannon Jack Man Ray Gallahan
David Mayo RT Changer Travis Johnson
Larry Robinette RT Carrier Trent Cherry
Nick Hensley Gas Man Chris Williams
22-Dave Littau
22-Chris Williams
22-Ray Gallahan
22-Travis Johnson

22-Trent Cherry

Thank YOU to our Pit Crews 
for all their hard work!

See below, fans Tweetup for All-Star Race 

Charlotte Motor Speedway – May Tweetup – Can you find Quackers?

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