Krishtian Buescher: Living in a Racing World

James & Krishtian Buescher
in Victory Lane at KYS
Photo – Courtesy of Krishtian Buescher

By Jason Schultz

Krishtian Buescher has always been around racing, since she was eight years old. She married Camping World Truck Series Driver James Buescher this past off-season and spends almost every weekend at the track. Krishtian’s husband James Buescher came very close to winning last year’s Camping World Truck Series championship. Since then and so far in the 2012 season, he has won three races. Buescher won the Nationwide Series race at Daytona in February and went on to win two truck races – April in Kansas and last Friday night at Kentucky. Krishtian has been by his side for every one of his wins and almost every truck race on SPEED the cameras show Krishtian’s smiling face.

Recently I was able to interview Krishtian and below are the questions asked with her responses.

Question 1: How did you and James meet?
“James and I both used to drive legends cars, so we met racing against each other at ‘lil TMS  – Texas Motor Speedway.”

Question 2: What’s your favorite quality about James?
“How humble he is.”

Question 3: Is there a certain quality you don’t like about James?
“When I’m telling a story, he always interrupts me!!!!!!.”

Question 4: Was racing a part of your life growing up?
“Yes, my parents owned a dirt track when I was little. I’ve been a part of racing since I was 8 years old.”

Question 5: How important is family to you and James?
“Family is VERY important to both James and I. Anytime that we have the chance to spend time with family we do.”

Question 6: How was your wedding?
“Our wedding was AMAZING!! There was not a thing about it that was not perfect.”

Question 7: What do you like to do when you’re not at the track?
“I enjoy working our flowerbeds, volunteering at our church and spending time with friends and family.”

Question 8:  What’s the toughest part about being on the road almost every weekend?
“We don’t get to see our family and friends as much as we would like.”

Question 9: Which tracks do you enjoy the most to go to and which ones the least?
“I enjoy Bristol the most because the racing is so close. The least I would have to say Daytona and Talladega because of the unknown.”

Question 10: Do you ever get nervous during races?
“I do at the super speedways and also if James is leading and it is coming down to the end.”

Question 11: What’s your favorite travel destination?
“Herradura, Costa Rica.”

Question 12: Which one of James’ wins did you enjoy the most?
“Last night! Kentucky was awesome!! I was actually able to enjoy the moment. Daytona was kind of a blur and then I was not in Kansas.”

Question 13: Do you and James like to hang out with any other drivers and their wives?
“We enjoy hanging out with T.J Bell and his girlfriend Alexis Gamboa, Justin and Ashley Allgaier, Brian Ickler and his girlfriend Christie Sloan and Miguel and Patricia Paludo.”

Question 14: What’s some advice you would give to someone on life based on some of your experiences?
“No matter what happens always stay strong in your faith. God will lead you in the direction he wants you to go.”

Question 15: Do you enjoy interaction with NASCAR fans?
“I love it!!! They are all a blast.”

Question 16: What would a championship mean to you and James and Turner Motorsports?
“A championship would be accomplishing the goals that we have all set out do!!”

Krishtian was a blast to interview and I hope everyone who reads this learns a little bit more about the Buescher’s.

Fans can follow Krishtian on twitter – @Kris_Buescher  

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