Inside Look at the Pocono Raceway with the Track President

Photo- Getty Images

By Jason Schultz

Pocono Raceway is a track on the up rise. After the re-pavement of the track last off-season, the track developed a whole new meaning. The track is now faster and smoother which gives fans better racing action. The track is a perfect racers race track. We saw a great race back in June and should see another great one this weekend.
As workers prepare the track for the big weekend, I was able to talk with the President of the raceway, Brandon Igdalsky.  He described to me some of his favorite aspects of the track and gave me some insight to some neat things happening at the Pocono Raceway.

How long have you been around racing? 
“I was born into the family business but started working full time during summers when I was 13.”
What is it like being the president of a track? Are there any hard things to deal with? Any good?
“It’s the greatest job for a fan of the sport.  There are many hard things to deal with on a daily basis.  We go from a sleepy little town and sprout into the 3rd or 4th largest city in the state during events.  We also run approximately 300 other Track Days from April-Nov with our 3 interior road courses.”
 What do you feel is the best quality of the Pocono Raceway? 
“Small town, family owned facility.  Plus we only have 3 turns!”
 What are your favorite changes that have occurred at the Pocono Raceway? 
“The new asphalt!!!”
 Explain how you and Pocono Raceway have been connecting with fans on social media like no other track has done before.
 “We hired a Manager of Digital Marketing, basically a social media guru.  That is his main job.  I also have made it a point on my personal twitter to be very active with fans and build that personal relationship.”
 What are your favorite behind the scenes features at Pocono Raceway that fans on TV can’t see?
“All the work that our team does to prepare for race day!”
In your opinion, what makes Pocono Raceway unique compared to all the other tracks? 
“Other than only having 3 turns is our layout with each corner so different, straights are all different.  We still have that retro feel that made racing what it is today with a touch of modern.”
 One day would you like the NASCAR Nationwide Series racing at Pocono? 
“I would love to see NNS races at Pocono.  The truck series has done so well.  It is always great to see the next stars take their first laps here at Pocono.”
 If the Nationwide Series were to come to Pocono, do you feel like it would have a positive effect on the raceway?
“Of course, more eyes, more drivers!”

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