Kurt Busch to Drive For Furniture Row Racing in 2013

By Jordan Dodson

Kurt Busch has officially announced his 2013 plans. Busch will drive for Furniture Row Racing in the No. 78 Chevrolet. This announcement comes during a frustrating season driving for Phoenix Racing. While driving for Phoenix Racing, Kurt Busch and the team have had many mechanical issues, pit stop issues and wrecks that have taken Busch out of contention of great finishes.

Phoenix Racing announced earlier this season that if they did not get sponsorship by the end of the NASCAR season they would close the shop doors. The team has still not found sponsorship for 2013 as the season comes to an end. This left Kurt Busch looking for a new job in 2013.

Kurt Busch (USA Today)

That new job will be with Furniture Row Racing in 2013 where Busch will have a stronger and more stable organization behind him. Kurt Busch has gained the reputation of someone who will always tell you what’s going on in his mind to the point that it has cost him a job and suspension. After losing a ride at Penske Racing, an elite Sprint Cup team, in 2011 due to an outburst toward an ESPN broadcaster, and other episodes, Busch found himself at Phoenix Racing. Phoenix Racing has been an under funded team for many years just trying to stay competitive with the top Sprint Cup teams in NASCAR. Busch has had to adjust to the new teams expectations of a good race day which might mean a top 20 finish this past season.

WIth this new opportunity at Furniture Row the expectations are going to rise. Kurt Busch can now expect to finish in the top 15 and be in contention for wins in 2013. Kurt Busch’s thoughts on driving for Furniture Row, “I have watched with admiration on how this team has grown over the years and that is why I am excited about the opportunity as I eagerly look forward to a new chapter in my racing career.” Busch is on the right path to reclaiming his spot as an elite driver in NASCAR. Busch must remain focused on this path to becoming an elite driver in the Cup series again.

Regan Smith currently drives for Furniture Row Racing. (NASCAR.com)

As in the past, his biggest threat to failing to produce good results on the race track will be himself and his emotions. With that in check we can expect bigger and better things from Kurt Busch in 2013. A good crew and  stable equipment leads to being competitive but solid team chemistry and a confident driver will lead to winning. Those will be the ingredients Kurt Busch will need for a strong 2013 season.

Regan Smith, the current driver at Furniture Racing, said this past week that he saw the driver change coming and will do all he can to finish strong this season. Smith has now started the process of looking for a new ride in 2013. Regan is looking for possible rides in the Sprint Cup and the Nationwide series. We will have to see what is in store for Regan Smith in the coming weeks but expect him to be driving somewhere in 2013.

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