Confident Hamlin Wins at New Hampshire

By Jason Schultz

Confidence and cockiness. Two things Denny Hamlin seems to have right now.

Hamlin essentially called his shot last week after the Chicagoland race when he said he would win the race next week at New Hampshire. Hamlin backed up his guarantee and crossed the finish line first at New Hampshire Sunday afternoon. Hamlin had come from the 32nd starting position but Hamlin took the lead before the 100 lap mark. Hamlin had to race his teammate Kyle Busch early but after Busch suffered engine problems, Hamlin was the lone Joe Gibbs Racing car in the front. Hamlin then had to race Jimmie Johnson later in the race but Hamlin was able to hold Johnson off as well. Continue reading

Denny Hamlin’s New Mindset

By Jordan Dodson

Denny Hamlin wins the Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway taking the second race in the Chase.

A week ago Denny Hamlin finished 16th for the first race in the Chase due to a team error by his gas man who did not fill the gas tank all the way. The error turned into an empty gas tank on the last lap at Chicagoland. After the race Denny Hamlin tweeted that he would win the next week at New Hampshire. Hamlin tweeted, “This is week 1 of 10. We will win next week.” Continue reading

Meeting My NASCAR Idols – Incredible!

By Jason Schultz


Everyone has them; they could be superstar athletes or everyday people. I have been privileged enough to meet three of my idols over the past month. With every encounter, I was star struck. Talking to someone that you admire, care for and respect, creates an incredible feeling inside of you. I have felt that feeling inside of me three times in the past month. “Incredible”. That’s how I describe every meeting. Continue reading

Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire Preview

New Hampshire Motor Speedway
Photo – Getty Images

By Jason Schultz

Race Info

Date- Sunday September 23rd, 2012

Location- Loudon, New Hampshire

Start time- 2:15 PM EST

Distance- 300 Laps, 317.4 Miles

Broadcast TV- ESPN

Broadcast Radio- PRN

Continue reading

Chase Tracker for the Sprint Cup – New Hampshire

Chase Tracker for the Sprint Cup continues with the second race of the Chase, the Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway this weekend

Here’s the rundown on what’s going on with each of the Chase contenders and the Best of the Rest after the first Chase race at Chicagoland Speedway. Continue reading