FOX Sports One Looking To Replace SPEED

By Jordan Dodson

Enjoy what NASCAR programming on SPEED you can this remaining season because the network looks to be rebranding itself as FOX Sports One.

USA Today first reported that SPEED is looking at reworking the network to Fox Sports One to include other sports such as baseball, football, basketball along with other sports.

What does this mean for the NASCAR programming?

It looks as though the network will be cutting back on NASCAR programming such as shows like RaceHub or Trackside. The network may also cut back on broadcast of track action as well. NASCAR qualifying and practices would possibly be replaced by other sports such as baseball or football. The Camping World Truck series races would most likely not be affected.

Other car and racing programs would also be replaced on the new FOX Sports One. Shows such as Hard Parts: South Bronx or Wrecked would no longer be shown on the network. Other racing programs such as sports cars, ARCA or Formula One would also be cut back or replaced completely.

No deal is in place right now but the change seems immanent. NASCAR has no plans to start their own network in the future so fans need to enjoy SPEED as much as possible this season. NASCAR will almost certainty be less televised come the near future.


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