My NASCAR Tweetup Experience

By Jordan Dodson

I had the chance to take part in my first NASCAR tweetup hosted by Jeff Gluck, from SB Nation, on Saturday at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

A tweetup is a meeting where people who are active on Twitter come together to meet each other in person. They are usually hosted by someone leading a discussion of topics.

Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs

Jeff Gluck, with help from Bob Pockrass of Sporting News, hold a tweetup for NASCAR fans at each race track through out the season. Jeff Gluck started the tradition a few years ago with a couple people when Twitter was just starting to grow. Now NASCAR tweetups include over 100 people on a weekly basis. Jeff Gluck has incorporated special guests to be part of the tweetups as the events have grown. Special guests include drivers, crew men, actors and more. The tweetup on Saturday included special guests Mike Rowe, from Dirty Jobs, along with Marcus Smith who is the track president of Charlotte Motor Speedway.

As I took part in my first ever tweetup, I was surprised by the amount of people, who had never met, come together to meet face-to-face. The observation proved to me the power of social media. Social media has rapidly become a major part of society. Social Media gives people the power to give instant feedback in any event. People can now do this through their computers, ipads and smart phones. With electronic devices available at hand 24/7 people weigh in anytime and anywhere.

Social Media, such as Twitter, gives people the opportunity to talk about different topics and follow people who specifically discuss a topic that interest them. Discussions through social media lead people to develop relationships or follow someone’s work. Tweetups give people a the opportunity to meet those people in person. In my case I got to tell someone in person how much I enjoy their work.

As an aspiring NASCAR writer I was appreciative of the opportunity to meet Jeff Gluck, an established NASCAR writer, at the tweetup. I respect Jeff Gluck’s unique view  in that he often gives great perspective and solutions related to specific issues in NASCAR along with providing the facts. Jeff Gluck is also active in hearing the fans perspective and giving people the feeling that they have a voice that is heard.

Jeff Gluck and me – Jordan Dodson

When I got the opportunity to meet Jeff Gluck I asked him about what it takes to become an established NASCAR writer. His advice, write, write, write! So what am going to keep doing? Write, write, write! Eventually people will notice your work and writers can develop a name for themselves. And if you’re like me that is easy to do because the sport of NASCAR is a passion and all I want to do is talk about it.

Along with meeting Jeff Gluck, I also got to meet other people involved in NASCAR. I had the opportunity to meet Monte Dutton of the Gaston Gazette. He also was willing to share some insight into being part of the NASCAR media and where to get started. Dutton talked about his first writing experiences starting with his local newspaper. Another person I got to meet was college student Dontae Allen, from Georgia State University, who is also looking to make his way into the NASCAR media.

You never know who you’re going to meet at tweetups and everybody is involved in NASCAR in different ways. When you get the chance to make a tweetup make an effort to talk with other fans because you never know what you will hear and learn.

I am truly appreciative of Jeff Gluck and Bob Pockrass for putting together the NASCAR tweetups though out the season and I know I’m not the only one. Tweetups are a great way to bring NASCAR fans together and have the opportunity to meet personalities in the sport. Gluck and Pockrass’ efforts do not go unnoticed and any NASCAR fan should take part in one if they haven’t already. It is a great place to meet other fans and put a face with the people that make NASCAR what it is.

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