Off-Season Blues

Photo - Pocono's Facebook page

Photo – Pocono’s Facebook page

By Jason Schultz

Have you found yourself waking up on Sunday morning and thinking Race Day? Then you realized it is the off-season and race day won’t come again for two months. It is a common issue across the world, especially with NASCAR fans. There are many weekends in the off-season with no NASCAR action, but there are many things to look forward to this off-season.

You won’t be slouching around your house, wishing there was a race on every weekend throughout the off-season. With the new cars set to debut in 2013, there will be a lot of preparation and on-track action to make sure the teams are ready for the season. It’s not televised or super interesting, but with the cars on track and testing, there will be much discussion about what’s to come in 2013, as well as changes NASCAR will be making to create the best racing next season. With all the testing, there will be many media members discussing with you, the fans, the various changes for 2013.

In past off-seasons, we’ve witnessed lots of driver moves and team adjustments. 2011 was probably the most active off-season we’ve ever had with a number of drivers moving to new teams. So far this off-season, we’ve heard rumors of drivers going here and there, but many drivers announced where they will drive in 2013 back in the 2012 season. There will still be surprising driver and team moves and that could be one thing to look forward to this off-season.

One of my favorite parts of the off-season, since I was young, has been the announcement of new paint schemes that will run in the season to come. Many teams like to change the look of their car from season to season and fans can be excited to see what new paint schemes will come forward for 2013. The 2013 cars look much different than the previous cars and it will be interesting to see how the teams’ design their new look cars. is your best source to see all the new paint schemes for 2013.

Will this article cure your off-season blues? No, but I hope it improves your outlook on the long off-season that is set to drag on throughout the winter. The 2012 off-season has many perks to it including, the new 2013 cars testing and getting ready for the next season as well as new paint schemes and driver moves. Don’t look at every day in the off-season as sad and gloomy, look at it with a positive attitude and think, Daytona is just 84 days away.

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