Changes To NASCAR Television Coverage

Big changes are coming to your NASCAR television coverage. From daily programming to Sunday afternoons, TV coverage will be looking different.

Matt Kenseth leads the 2012 Daytona 500 AP Photo/Lesley Ann Miller

Matt Kenseth leads the 2012 Daytona 500
Photo – AP/Lesley Ann Miller

NASCAR television will be dramatically different for the SPEED channel in 2013, with the biggest change being a rebranding to FOX Sports One in August. But changes to the TV schedule will come as well.

As SPEED transitions to FOX Sports One, viewers will see more stick and ball sports covered on the network. And, with more stick and ball sports programming, NASCAR coverage will decrease. Based on current rumors, Trackside looks to be cut from the network, while RaceDay, RaceHub and Victory Lane will remain on SPEED during the 2013 season.

Current TV contracts covering the NASCAR season expire after 2014. Potential new contracts include NBC and FOX exploring new options.

As NBC tries to jump back into NASCAR coverage, possible options could include  races covered by ESPN in the latter half of the Sprint Cup season. NBC has not made any official announcements to this point.

FOX has interest in expanding its coverage to include the six summer races TNT has most recently broadcast. There has been overwhelming criticism of TNT’s coverage, or lack there of, due to the abundant number of commercials during race broadcasts. Viewers expect more coverage during green flag action than they have gotten the past couple years and would like a change.

TV deals for the 2015 season have not been announced and at this point, all remains speculation. The TV landscape of NASCAR coverage will certainty look different in the coming years, but how much is still unknown.

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