Fans Determine Rules forThe Sprint Unlimited

Sprint_Unlimited_Flag2For the first time ever in NASCAR history, fans determine the rules of Daytona’s Shootout – The Sprint Unlimited.

NASCAR is giving fans the choice in what happens at the Sprint Unlimited, formally the Budweiser Shootout. Fan votes will ultimately determine the format of the Sprint Unlimited, which kicks off Budweiser Speedweeks in Daytona on Saturday, Feb 16, 2013. Fans get to determine three aspects of the race including length of segments, pit stops, and elimination. As a bonus, people can also vote between three different fire suits that Miss Sprint Cup will where in victory lane.

There are two ways people can vote and have a say on the rules of the Sprint Unlimited. Fans can go to or vote on the recently updated NASCAR Mobile ’13 app.


Race format (voting ends 2/13):

  • 40/20/15 laps
  • 35/30/10 laps
  • 30/25/20 laps

Pit stops after the first segment (voting ends 2/16):

  • No Pit Stop
  • Yes, two tires
  • Yes, four tires

Elimination after the second segment (voting ends 2/16):

  • None
  • Two cars
  • Four cars
  • Six cars

People can vote as many times as they would like until voting closes. The Sprint Unlimited will be Saturday, February 16th on FOX. Twenty two cars will be on track at Daytona. See the Sprint Unlimited’s eligible drivers here.

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