Dina Parise Racing – Teammates on-and-off the Track

“When the helmets go on, the wedding bands come off…This rivalry begins at home!” ~ Dina Parise – Pro Modified Drag Racer

Dina ParisePhoto - Courtesy of DinaPariseRacing.com

Dina Parise
Photo – Courtesy of DinaPariseRacing.com

Dina Parise is unique in her own right as one of the few female team owners and drivers in the world of motorsports. Now add in that she is also one half of a duo – husband and wife – driver team in Pro Modified Drag Racing and the intrigue revs up even more.

Andrew and Dina Parise have been going strong since 2000 with the NHRA‘s Pro Modified Drag Racing class, creating an amazing two car team rivalry within the circuit and at home. She’s known as ‘The Chef,’ and he as ‘Bam Bam.’

There’s nothing average about this racing team with backgrounds that mirror their drive to succeed at anything they take on, while making their dreams come true.

Dina grew up in Long Island, as a competitive gymnast, along with a passion for figure skating. Her dream throughout school was to skate professionally for the “Ice Capades,” and for four years she lived her dream touring with the ever-popular show on ice.

After returning to her home in New York, Dina, met and married her husband Andrew, a competitive Drag Racer and they quickly became a couple ‘on the go’ with their pet pug, named Bella.  Bella has her own blog if you want to follow her throughout the season.

It didn’t take long for Dina to also fall in love with her husband’s fascination with Drag Racing and to take on her next challenge. “Did you ever see something and just know you had to try it?” says Dina. ” Even if maybe you did not succeed, but you just had to try?”  Well she did try it and her first time down 1/4-mile at 9 seconds and 146-mph, Dina knew, this sport was her next big endeavor.

In between races, Dina dubs herself as a ‘Claire Kent’ of sorts. She enjoys being a hairdresser and making her clients feel better about themselves and brightening their day!

But on race weekends, her ‘Claire Kent’ persona is eclipsed with her “Supergirl’ ego on the track, now powering the 1/4-mile in under 6 seconds at 240-mph. Dina says, “It’s not only unparalleled and exhilarating, it is empowering!”

Dina’s story is inspiring and she encourages everyone to “Follow your dreams. If you feel the need to try it, then try it! Life is not a dress rehearsal!” says Dina. “In life you get one ticket, and I’m using mine until it expires!”

Andrew ParisePhoto - Courtesy of DinaPariseRacing.com

Andrew Parise
Photo – Courtesy of DinaPariseRacing.com

Andrew – ‘Bam Bam’ – Parise is known as a consummate gear head and the other half of the Parise dynamic driving duo, husband and wife team.

Andrew’s passion to race began in Super Comp, with Parise Racing –  then known as, Tweaked Ya Racing – running a well-known car in the Bracket Racing circuit, a Blown 1967 Chevy Camaro, with a 540 ci motor and 1100hp engine.

His passion for motorsports led Andrew to his dream of racing the wild and crazy Pro Mods; first by helping and crewing on a couple of teams and eventually to a 1953 3,000hp Blown Corvette bringing his dream to reality in a big way.

Not only does Andrew have the first, original and fastest ‘legal trim’ converter-driven Blown Pro Mod, he also holds an NHRA national record in Comp Eliminator, achieved in his first full year of competition in the 2010 season.

Andrew is not just a driver at Dina Parise Racing; he’s a ‘wrencher’ when his helmet comes off, switching to ‘crew’ mode.  It’s not uncommon for Andrew to make the switch between rounds, as a ‘hands on’ kind of guy,’ and he prefers it that way.

Making his dreams become reality, Andrew has worked with some of the top professionals in the sport including Dave Tomasino, Scotty Cannon, Carl Spiering and many more.


Dina and Andrew Parise
Photo – Courtesy of Dina Parise

There are many two car teams in the sport of Pro Modified Drag Racing, but husband and wife teams are certainly not the norm.  Andrew never leaves his wife at home when racing; he not only brings Dina along for the ride, he races against her and they put a great deal of energy into their endless and entertaining competition both on and off the track.

Fans will get a chance to interact with this dynamo husband and wife team – Dina and Andrew Parise – on  Fan4Racing’s Fan2Fan radio show this Monday, January 28th at 9pm ET on The Sports Chronicle’s Radio Network, found on Blog Talk Radio. Join our guest co-host Sal Sigala and interact during the Q&A session with Dina and Andrew. Mark your calendar now and tune in Monday night to learn more about the Parises’ and their mascot ‘Bella’ as they share a few amazing stories about their careers.

Follow Dina Parise Racing on Twitter – @DPariseRacing @ProModBella and Facebook


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