Drivers React To The “Generation Six” Car

By Jordan Dodson

Tuesday and Wednesday Sprint Cup teams got their first crack at the new “Generation Six” car since NASCAR released the official rulebook for 2013. Teams tested at Charlotte Motor Speedway for two days as they figured out their new race car.

The “Generation Six” cars have received overwhelming positive feedback on its slick looks and similarities to the manufacturer’s street cars. But what do drivers have to say about how it drives? Continue reading

NASCAR’s Gen-Six car looks to bring racing ‘Back to the Future’

2013 Chevrolet SSPhoto - LAT Photographic

2013 Chevrolet SS
Photo – LAT Photographic

With NASCAR’s new Gen-Six cars coming to the track in 2013, manufacturer marketing is banking on race fan loyalty purchases, as their favorite drivers’ car is first to cross the finish line every race day, bringing back the adage, ‘win today – buy tomorrow.’ But it’s what this car brings ‘back’ to the drivers that has them and their fans excited about the ‘future’ of NASCAR racing. Continue reading

2013 Chevrolet SS Unveiled

On Thursday Chevrolet unveiled its new 2013 Sprint Cup car. No longer the Impala, fans will see the Chevrolet SS on the track next season.

The Chevy Impala was used during the “Car of Tomorrow” and previous generations of stock cars but with the next generation of stock cars, comes Chevrolet’s newest make in the SS. Continue reading