Review of NASCAR The Game: Inside Line

By Jordan Dodson

If you are a NASCAR fan disappointed in NASCAR The Game 2011, be disappointed no more. Eutechnyx‘s second installment of NASCAR The Game called NASCAR The Game: Inside Line exceeds expectations in all aspects!

Gamer’s biggest complaints about NTG 2011 were about lack of difficulty in single player game play and glitch issues during online multiplayer.

Racing at Homestead.
Photo – Eutechnyx

Good news, both have been fixed! That is music to your ears if you have been waiting for the releases of NTG: Inside Line over the past year. Those issues, among many other improvements, have been made to Eutechnyx’s second installment of the game. From tuning your car during practice to victory lane, you won’t be disappointed. Continue reading

Interview with Dave Thompson of NASCAR The Game

By Jordan Dodson

If you’re a gamer like me, you were excited when Eutechnyx announced they would make the official NASCAR game for gaming consoles a couple years ago.

Last year Eutechnyx came out with their first game called “NASCAR The Game 2011”. The company was just starting to get things established and putting their hand in the arena of NASCAR.

NASCAR The Game 2011
Photo –

This year Eutechnyx will be releasing “NASCAR The Game: Inside Line” on November 6. The game will include much greater detail and features in the company’s second NASCAR game.

I got a chance to ask Dave Thompson, executive producer of the “NASCAR The Game” series, what we can expect with the new changes and the challenges his team faced making the new game. Here is what he had to say: Continue reading