NASCAR Nuggets from the Net – January 21, 2013


January 20, 2013

January 21, 2013

This is a big week for NASCAR with Media Week kicking off today in Charlotte, NC.

Stay tuned to Fan4Racing for updates as we post coverage throughout the day and this week, along with any other NASCAR news nuggets we find on the net. Continue reading

Jimmie Johnson, Legendary Five-Time Champion

Five-Time – Jimmie Johnson

With the 2011 Race in Homestead the championship crown is passed along to a new champion and the Jimmie Johnson, era comes to a close.  As fans are celebrating with a new champion in Victory Lane, the passing of this era will most likely go by, barely noticed by most. The new champion and everyone associated with his team, will celebrate well into the next day.  While Jimmie Johnson for the first time in five years will perhaps offer his congratulations and the quietly walk off into the evening with his family.  Continue reading